A Case of the Uglies

Posted in Living by mcarmen5 on 12/21/2010

It’s that time of year again — holiday parties!  My friends and I have our annual traditions: gingerbread house-making, Festivus (classic), ice-skating at the Embarcadero and of course, our beloved ugly sweater party.  I was determined to win this year and claim the ugly sweater goblet as my own, so I literally decked my sweater.  I must say I’m pretty proud of myself because this was originally a plain white Hanes $5 sweatshirt from Target (on sale – LOVE that store).  There were only XXL’s left, so I cut and re-sewed it to match my proportions and did an off-shoulder 80’s cut.  My only regret is that they no longer had the neon pink sweatshirts – perfect 80’s moment for the ultimate in “ugly” :)  The sweater was so easy to make — just snip tinsel and hot-glue on felt and other sparkly embellishments.  This was all from a $3 roll of gold tinsel, a $1 foam board (for the candy canes), a $1 felt and sparkly copper pipe cleaners.  So easy and much better than buying an expensive “ugly” holiday sweater!  I won second place (BOO!), but I won majority vote, so I’m still a happy clam!  Need to amp it up next year!  Hope this provides some inspiration for my fellow ugly sweater party-goers :)