Autumn Copper

Posted in Beauty, Style by mcarmen5 on 10/01/2010

Hello, world!

It’s been so long since I’ve touched my blog, but I’m so thrilled to be back.  I can’t say yet that I’ll be able to write as frequently as I’d like — today marks the first day of my last week before the LSAT exam — but I’m happy that I get to today.

I can’t exactly pinpoint when and where my love for nail polish (and let’s just say it, all beauty products) began, but I’m still irrevocably in love and my heart quickens every time I see a beautiful color.  I like to add new colors every fall and this year was no exception.  My two favorites this season are China Glaze’s Ingrid (Vintage Vixen collection) and OPI’s Lucerne-tainly Look Marvelous (Swiss Collection).  Both are so much fun to wear and each have an element of surprise to them.

Today, I’m swatching Ingrid — a color I like, with a name I adore even more because it reminds me of Casablanca, one of my all-time favorite movies.  Some call Ingrid a “greige” and those a bit disappointed simply refer to it as “brown.”  I think it’s a gorgeous muddy copper-greige that’s a bit of a chameleon and perfect for autumn.  It’s warm and there are green and pink micro-glitters that come out as more “coppery” gold when the light strikes.  It makes studying a bit more fun :)

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Review: Rimmel Stay Matte Foundation

Posted in Beauty by mcarmen5 on 12/08/2009

I don’t know how I managed the luxury of shopping at Sephora and department stores exclusively for beauty products while in college, but I do know times are a-changin’.

My tube of Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer ($42) was running low and I started to research for a replacement.  I wasn’t going to miss it since I found it too thick to be considered “sheer” natural coverage.  Plus, the limited shades offered at the time meant that I had to choose between a pale-gray wash or slight orange tint.  I went with orange, the seemingly lesser of two evils.  (Sorry, Laura, I usually like you!)

So, I had a new mission in mind:  sheer, natural coverage + easy on the wallet.

I stumbled upon Rimmel’s line and remembered I had read somewhere that the texture and sheer coverage of Rimmel‘s new Stay Matte Foundation was closer to that of a tinted moisturizer.  With a friendly price ($6), I thought, why not?

Luckily, I found a color that matched my skin (half the battle is won there).  The formula was surprisingly smooth and light, and went on with a natural finish (I used a foundation brush, but fingers work just as well).

It really did feel like a moisturizer, and a little went a long way.  It does tend to stay matte for more than 8 hours and with a mattifying base under, it’s shine-free for the whole day.  Coverage is natural — looks like my skin, but better.

For $6, this is an amazing bargain.   I was really surprised by how well this worked  and how great it looks — it works just as well if not better than dept. store brands.  I’m pretty happy with this find for now.  Just make sure to test a little on your wrist or jawline to find the closest color match.

Fabulous Favorites

Posted in Beauty by mcarmen5 on 11/28/2009

I’m a hopeless product/beauty junkie.

Despite my best efforts to “zen” out my room and life with what seems like perpetual decluttering, I always find myself seduced by cute packaging and pretty or fun colors.  Even after several massive overhauls, my drawers, shelves, baskets and makeup pouches are still spilling over.

But the real jewels in the pile are my favorite classics… the good ol’ faithfuls.  Here are a few:

Dove is a classic.  1/4 moisture in a soft, non-irritating, good-for-your-skin bar.

OPI Polish

Clean & Classic.  Polished.  Put-together.  The perfect milky-pink.  Giada de Laurentiis apparently wears this on every episode.

NARS Blush

I know, I know… but it’s a cult favorite (or maybe super beauty phenomenon?) for a reason.  It gives the perfect candle-lit glow and it lasts forever since a little goes a long way.  I’ve been using it for years and still love and enjoy it.  Plus, it’s in a sleek and pretty case.

MAC Eye Kohl

Although I’ve since ventured off and tried a slew of different eyeliners (sparkly, electric-hued, and just about every shade of brown and black in high and low brands), I still have a soft spot for this unbelievably soft but pretty shade of deep bronze.

Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry-Touch Sunblock

Do not let my tan skin fool you.  I have the most sun-sensitive, easy to burn & tan skin of everyone I know.  No one believes me until they see just how toasty I get after spending a mere 10 minutes in direct sunlight.  It didn’t occur to me that I might want to consider sun protection (you know, just a “minor” suggestion) until a couple years ago — well after major sun damage had been done.  Before then, I spent nearly everyday of my life outdoors or on an open track field (yay, wrinkles!).  Dry-touch is everything it promises to be: sheer, light, non-greasy, and barely noticeable while packing in good SPF protection.  An absolute essential for anyone.

What are some of your favorites or trusty classics?

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