Love & Cioppino

Posted in Food by mcarmen5 on 12/21/2010

Cioppino, or “Fisherman’s Stew” has easily become one of my favorite meals, and after weeks of serious craving, I decided it was time to learn how to make it myself.  I was surprised by how simple it is to make — even though it’s full of deliciousness and seems much more complex.  My Dad is visiting for the holidays and I thought it would be great to treat him and my stepmom and brother to a warm, hearty meal.   This winter has been unusually frosty in San Francisco and a hot bowl of fresh seafood stew seemed like the perfect tonic in the perfect seaside setting.  One of my favorite things about living in San Francisco is the bounty of fresh seafood and foodie inspiration.  I combined several recipes to create something that worked for my palate, and despite a couple of worried side-glances from my Dad as he watched me cook this for the first time, it was a hit with the family.  Dad ended up enjoying it so much he went back for thirds.

{fresh Dungeness crab}

{scrubbed black mussels and clams}

{Italian parsley & fragrant onions}

{the fixin’s}

What I used:

-small black mussels (about 2 lbs for 6 people)

-long-neck clams (~3 lbs)

-wild cod fillet (~2 lbs)

-large scallops (2 per person)

-large shrimp (~ 1/2 lb)

-Dungeness crab (two 2 lb crabs)

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