French Apple Tart

Posted in Food, Living by mcarmen5 on 10/04/2010

Just as I was about to mope about the seasonal end of some of my favorite summer fruits, I was quickly reminded that fall is also ripe with plenty of other favorites.  Thinking about fall’s culinary choices got me very excited!  To me, the arrival of fall also means the delectable arrival of crisp apples, buttery squash, smokey mushrooms and hardy and hearty greens.  I decided to welcome the new season by making a rustic French apple tart — my very first!  The tart only required four Granny Smith apples and the tartness was balanced by a ginger-infused raspberry preserve glaze.  This little tart was devoured in minutes, but it actually took a lot of work to make!

Trust me, while I love food and love to eat, I’m not a superbly skilled cook by any means.  I’ve never made pastry dough from scratch all by myself — I’m usually the sous-chef and “executive” taster for my more talented friends — so the fact that I didn’t screw up the dough made me happy, and when the pastry crust came out buttery and perfectly flaky, I was through the roof!  Yep, safe to say I’m pretty pleased with myself right now ;)

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