Sex and the City 2: The Best Trailer Yet

Posted in Entertainment by mcarmen5 on 05/18/2010

Like any SATC groupie, I’m excited for Sex and the City 2.  I loved the show and enjoyed the first movie despite some of its flaws.   While my girlfriends and I tried our best to restrain ourselves and behave for the first movie (Okay, we were a teensy-bit squeal-y and plenty tipsy), we’re planning to make an event of it this time around — because, why not?

While I can sense the eyes of millions of American men rolling themselves dry during the first preview, no one quite captures the exasperated sentiment as perfectly as Brian Donovan of True/Slant.com.  You can see for yourself here.  I laughed so hard I nearly fell off my chair!  In fact, I’m still giggling a little at the thought of it.  I’m sure boyfriends/husbands all over would prefer to watch the Brian Donovan version any day.

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