Baby, It’s Cold Outside

Posted in Living by mcarmen5 on 12/21/2009

{Holiday Sparkle}

As promised, here are snapshots of some of the cards I’ve been working on.  While I often fantasize about crafting like Martha Stewart, I rarely dive in and actually do it, so this was a fun first!  I’ve really enjoyed scouting out the local craft stores and sketching out ideas,  so much that I may be starting a craft box!

Baby, it’s Cold Outside:

  • adhesive gems
  • alphabet stamps & metallic ink pad
  • card stock & envelopes

Sleigh Bells Ring/Jingle Bell Rock:

  • 6mm bells
  • embroidery thread

When I first brought out my project supplies to show some friends I had over for dinner, they laughed.  “20 handmade cards in one week?!  I can totally imagine you going crazy after 2 or 3 cards.”   (This is probably because, like I mentioned earlier, I am not known to be crafts-inclined!)  I couldn’t wait to let them know that this project was so simple that I completed all of them in about an hour or less.  I think they’ll get the memo when they find my hand-crafted card in the mail! ;-)

Happy Holidays!

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