Love List

Posted in Living, Musings by mcarmen5 on 12/12/2009

Happy Saturday, everyone!

I just got back from a cheery holiday party, and in keeping with good spirits, decided to post something light and fun — things I’m loving right now.

{OPI Manicurist of Seville} Photo

Love at first swipe, I fell for the gorgeous lovechild of magenta and deep red.  A fun ruby-cherry in light and a sultry, vampy Bordeaux in shade, I like that it’s a surprising color in a room of dark polishes.  Never fails to pick me up :)

{Yule Log}

Image by © Bilic/PhotoCuisine/Corbis

One of those holiday traditions I eagerly celebrate.  The moist chocolate cake, dreamy chocolate mousse and cream just seals the deal.  I especially love the ones with the airy, whipped chocolate frosting on top.  When it’s done well, I’m done!

{Upbeat songs}

There’s nothing more fun than singing along or dancing to an upbeat song like it’s nobody’s business.  “Haven’t Met You Yet” by Michael Buble is one of those songs, and it gets me in a good mood for the new year.

{Celebrating well}

A good drink and great people make for some merry times.  Get festive and get in a good mood — it’s contagious.  Spread the cheer!


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