Beautiful Spaces: The Bold Bedroom

Posted in Living, Style by mcarmen5 on 12/11/2009

I’m kind of a commitment-phobe, which makes even the simplest decision, like choosing a color for my bedroom, near impossible.  I’m going to upload photos of my before and after desk space in a following post, but I thought I’d share some pretty eye-candy on bold, beautiful bedrooms in the meantime.

I adore the arrangement of framed photos above the bed, which plays off the bold, peacock blue background nicely.  The muted curtains are a smart choice because they have a slight sheen and texture to them, making them more interesting than plain.

If you’re a fan of Sex and the City, then you’ll probably also remember how Carrie’s old apartment looked: light celery colored walls, flea market finds, Calvin Klein bamboo bedding, and an overall bohemian look with magazines, papers, boxes and mementos everywhere.  This new makeover is so refreshing, airy, and serene.  While I’ve always been more of a “clean” and white/cream palette lover (I really liked Charlotte’s apartment on 5th Ave), I fell in love with this new interior and must say it has become one of my new favorites.

I love how simple decluttering and a strategic style palette can work wonders.

I think what makes this space really stand out is the unusual pop of blue and clean details.  Most of the time, rooms that are painted in blue are often a lighter, muted sky blue or gray-blue.  This, however, is not a shy color, yet it comes off as sophisticated and fresh with the right balance of neutrals and patterns.  The set designer mixed this paint color, but I think the color is closer to a “cerulean” blue that you can easily find or mix yourself.

Here is a little palette of blues from Benjamin Moore:


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